Hi there. It's nice to meetcha!

Kyle Kingsbury, a.k.a "Aphyr", is a computer safety researcher working as an independent consultant. He's the author of the Riemann monitoring system, the Clojure from the Ground Up introduction to programming, and the Jepsen series on distributed systems correctness. He grills databases in the American Midwest.

Around the web

  • I've got a Mastodon account for snarky jokes, databases, and leather.
  • There's a bunch of fun software on GitHub.
  • In a futile attempt to get them to stop sending me email, I have a very questionable LinkedIn account which has not, for reasons I cannot fathom, resulted in my lifelong suspension from the service.
Kyle presents a talk at Bloomberg's offices in London

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the name?
Aphyr was randomly generated, back in the days when you could find short strings with no hits on Google. I pronounce it "AY-fur", like "zephyr", with a long A.
"He", "him", and "his", if you please.
Have you tested X?
Every Jepsen test is here.
Why haven't you reviewed my pull request?
I'm so sorry. Life keeps getting in the way of me being a responsive maintainer. Your hard work deserves better!