Previously: Rewriting the Technical Interview.

Aisha’s hands rattle you. They float gently in front of her shoulders, wrists cocked back. One sways cheerfully as she banters with the hiring manager—her lacquered nails a cyan mosaic over ochre palms. They flit, then hover momentarily as the two women arrange lunch. When the door closes, Aisha slaps her fingertips eagerly on the pine-veneer tabletop. Where have you seen them before?

But she is giggling and glad to finally meet you, and her hair bounces in loose ringlets around the shoulders of her yellow sundress, and you like her, this thirty-something engineer who has worked here three years (even if you don’t understand what it is, exactly, that she does for Mineral Analytics, Limited), who heard you were on the market, and just had to interview you personally. She tells you about the yogurt bar, and the yoga studio, and how important work-life balance is to the company. Then she asks you to balance a binary tree.

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