Reading the PHP documentation has convinced me (again) of what a mind-bogglingly broken language this is. Quickly, see if you can predict this behavior:

<?php echo "This is the integer literal octal 010: " . 010 . "\n\n"; $things = array( "The 0th element", "The 1st element", "The 2nd element", "The 3rd element", "The 4th element", "The 5th element", "The 6th element", "The 7th element", "The 8th element", "8" => "The element indexed by '8'", "foo" => "The element indexed by 'foo'", "010" => "The element indexed by '010'" ); // The string index "8" clobbered the integer index 8. // But the string index "010" didn't... echo "Now check out what PHP thinks the array is..."; print_r ($things); echo "\n\n"; // As expected echo "\$things[0]: $things[0]\n"; echo "\$things[1]: $things[1]\n"; // Okay, so strings are interpreted as integers sometimes... echo "\$things[\"0\"]: " . $things["0"] . "\n"; // Ah, now things become strange. This integer key gets the string "8" instead. echo "\$things[8]: $things[8]\n"; // This should refer to the 8th element, but it gets converted to an integer by // the preprocessor, then to a string, where it matches the clobbered 8th // element... echo "\$things[010]: " . $things[010] . "\n"; // This string key returns the expected "8" element... echo "\$things[\"8\"]: " . $things["8"] . "\n"; // But this string octal key gets the "010" key as expected. Note that it // *doesn't* get the integer 8, as you might expect from $things["0"] echo "\$things[\"010\"]: " . $things["010"] . "\n"; echo "\n"; ?>

Here’s the output (PHP 5.2.6-3ubuntu4.1):

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