My introduction to Cara Chomski went something like this:

"Cara? She's frighteningly competent."

"At what? Classwork, sports, discussion..."


Two weeks later, I was assigned an enforcement contract for Assassins: track down and terminate one Cara Chomski, an assassin who had been inactive for 72 hours. Wearing my trenchcoat and borrowed sunglasses, I located down her room, found out she was practicing below the concert hall, and made my way to practice room 30. I'd never really been to the practice rooms before, and didn't realize that they had not one, but two doors. I knocked on one, waited, and spun around as Cara opened the second. Sprinted for the other door, but she slammed it closed and locked it. Defeated, I headed off to do some work.

An hour later I returned, armed with a cardboard sword in place of the knife. Heard her practicing the piano inside, waited until the song was finished, and slammed open the door. She sprung to her feet as I swung for her stomach, but she parried with her sheet music and produced a coat hanger from nowhere. I backed her into a corner, but she parried all of my blows. Just as I was about to make the final strike, she dodged in and stabbed me. With the coat hanger.

My hat is off to you, Cara, for defeating an enforcer with an improvised defensive mechanism (sheet music), and a plastic coat hanger. Frighteningly competent indeed. :-D

ryan on

:D im in love yo. sheet music? yes this is love.

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