Back on a bike...

So Justin took my bike out for a spin with some friends from out of town—and while locked up out in the Marina, it was stolen!

I’m sad to see you go, little grey hybrid.

I bought that bike seven years ago with my first paycheck from Kryptiq. Saved up $400 cash and bought myself a brand new Trek 7200 FX. We rode through thick and thin, all over the city. It got me to school, to work on Fridays, to friends’ houses and through the rain to Aikido out in east Portland. It braved flooding, 80 MPH winds, power outages, nails through the tires, and kept on going. We ran Zoobomb, trails through the west hills, construction sites, and freeways. Mostly, though, it got me places without a car.

This happened six weeks back. I’ve been riding the motorcycle a lot more since then, and got my commute down to 20 minutes–only a tad slower than biking to work. Still, I really miss cycling. It’s easier to hop on it and go, without a jacket, helmet, and gloves getting in the way. Anyway, yesterday I finally snagged a so-new-you-can-smell-it 7.3 FX via craigslist. It’s quiet, shiny, and fast. I’m excited to move again. :)

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