Breakfalls, and a Storm

To celebrate the end of the year's training, we did many breakfalls last night. David-sensei informed me that our absolute maximum (read: his) goal was 1500, but people were free to set whatever number they wanted to reach. I conservatively estimated 100, but ended up doing 1007: a mix of of rolls and back-breakfalls, both from throws and in sets. It took roughly five hours, at the end of which I was quite sore, but very happy.

We had a windstorm arrive Thursday night as well, which led to downed trees, hundreds of thousands of homes without power, and terrific rains. That made for an entertaining landscape for the ride home, as I passed trees snapped over concrete soundwalls, and biked over acres of branches floating in 2 inches of water. My map claims these waterways are "streets", but I think they are happier as streams.

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