Winter Term

So stuff here has been busy as heck the last few weeks. Classes are beating me up: Classical Mechanics, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Japanese 205 this term. Aikido hasn't been going at all recently, which is sad. First week I caught whatever cold was going around, then this Monday I knocked my shoulder out of commission on one of the 4th kyu sacrifice throws. It's slowly coming back, but I'm still not up to rolls, or really much of anything with that arm. Realistically speaking, I'm probably not going to test this mid-term: I've just missed too many classes.

This week was full of out-of-town visitors: Des and Bitsy came out here for the weekend, which was full of Aikido, reading, and photography. Bitsy helped me out with the alumni interview for Physics, which was more informative than I had initially expected.

When it came time to head back to the airport, Max, Des and I borrowed Pechous' car for the trip--or at least his keys. Turned out the car was across campus, encased in snow, low on gas, and incapable of starting. Luckily, as we were just about to give up, Chase arrived! He pulled out the jumper cables, which after extensive maneuvers eventually reached between the cars. We *still* couldn't get the car to start, so Chase kindly offered us his car for the trip. After he left, though, Max couldn't get the car started! I tried, but the keys just wouldn't move. As it turns out, starting the CRV requires focusing very intently on the engine turning over and rumbling into life, and believing the car to be in motion. After buying gas by committee, I restarted the car for Max, and we made it to the airport in record time.

That evening, Rachel's friend Justin showed up, which was a welcome surprise. The whole gang went to see Ebony on Thursday, which was amazing! Grace did an awesome job in On Pointe, and there was a brilliantly choreographed performance of Evanescence's "Bring me to life"... for three week's work, it was incredibly well orchestrated. Fun times. :-)

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