Fire Alarm

Two hours after going to sleep, I awoke to a shrill alarm with a start, kicking off the bed and into the air. Three things went through my head in the second or so before I touched down.

  1. Hmmm, that's not my alarm. It's much too high-pitched, and isn't intermittent.
  2. Gosh, there's a lot of smoke in here.
  3. Hey, is that the ground?

"Wow, it must be a fire. As in, stuff is actually burning," my sleep-addled brain mumbled to itself. "I guess if the building is going to burn down, I should probably grab my EM homework. It would really suck if that went up in flames and I had to do it all over again before Friday." Pulling on my bathrobe and grabbing the backpack which contained the precious homework in progress, I checked the door for heat, made my way down the stairs, and out into the cool night air.

About five minutes later, I remembered that this is Minnesota. Even though it's spring, the nights are still pretty darn cold. While I appreciate my half-awake self's efforts to preserve the academic parts of my life, next time, I really would appreciate it if he'd grab something warmer.

Eventually, Security declared a burned pizza the source of the smoke, and we all got to go back inside. Didn't sleep too well, but at least it was an exciting night.

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