So, I'm back in town! That was fast!

Managed to get out of school okay: finished my two papers on time, and despite my notes disappearing managed to make it through finals without too much difficulty. The papers are actually pretty cool: for Philosophy of Physics I got to look at two accounts of the mass energy equivalence relation, and talk about how we revise the scientific process for education. I didn't get to explore that thread as much as I would have liked, but I did get to read all of Einstein's work on special relativity. I know it's been said before, but the guy's a genius. The reasoning itself is straightforward, but he makes these intuitive jumps that are very surprising unless you know where he's going.

My roommate for spring term moved out early in finals week. Or at least, he himself moved. Most of his stuff stayed behind, and the friends he said would come pick it up never arrived. Hence, at 22:00 the night before flying out, I found myself reluctantly dropping cubic meters of clothes, games, books, and food down at the Lighten Up donation area. That was kind of a tough break, and I hope his friend manages to save my roommate's stuff in time.

I did, however, manage to find space for almost all the room stuff! Sophie kindly let me put some oversized items (buki, lamps) etc. in her basement, and Anna will be taking some of those for the summer, now that she's got her new apartment. I did have some problems with shipping boxes home though: just before hopping on the bus to the airport, I found a package slip in my mailbox. Turned out my computer never made it off campus: the UPS folks dropped it right back off across the street! Lucky for me, the nice guys at the post office have said they'll make sure it gets back to UPS, and it should arrive in a week or so.

I encountered mono somewhere early in the term: that knocked me out of Aikido and pretty much all physical activity since fifth week. Most of the symptoms have faded by now, and I only get tired if I push myself physically. Unfortunately, "pushing it" now means something like running three blocks. I've been taking pretty good care of myself, getting lots of sleep, and hope to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Or do I?

Typically, I'm averse to risk. I plan things carefully, deliberate on important choices, and get my work done on time. That's good, but I also I got stuck in a rut: wonderful as familiar friends and activities are, I feel great when trying things I've never done before, going on adventures, and learning new people, places, and cultures. There have been some pretty cool adventures this term: the Genyokan trip, the trip to the cities over midterm break, learning to fire a bow at an 1800s rendezvous... it's been really darn awesome!

So this summer, I'm resolving not to live the same week over and over again, and to get out there and have irresponsible adventures. I've no idea where I'll end up, but I do know it will make a great story!


I don’t know what you’ve been up to, man! I hope you were kidnapped by pirates or mining for a precious stone or doing something that was really far away from the Internet so you have a cool reason not to update your blog. But if you don’t have a cool reason, that’s ok. How are you?

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