For the last few days, I’ve been drawing little sketches on my whiteboard, regarding the various goings-on at work. My boss Laird suggested that I put them online, so here they are!

On Tuesday, I was fixing the file transfer box; an apt upgrade had updated some libraries that SFTP relied on, which meant rebuilding the chroot environment with the help of ldd.


Wednesday was largely devoted to adding new check scripts and data sources to Cacti, for graphing the mail relay queues, load averages, and so forth.


Yesterday I cleaned out our very full file and download servers.


And today, I came into the office to discover one of the ESX servers had decided that four of its six disks has suffered irreparable damage; it shut down the entire array to prevent data loss.


Lucky for us, the RAID controller turned out to be lying, and copying the array config back from disk fixed everything.


Nice comics. I personally enjoy juggling hard drives. It’s great stress relief.

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