This is the house I grew up in. It was particularly challenging to render in one-meter increments, especially while preserving the positions of walls and staircases. The entire structure wanted to shift around in various dimensions; a tension which is only partly resolved by resizing the stair and kitchen.

I chose a site on a hill, facing west; echoing the original lot.


Violating every principle of book conservation, CELL is a library designed to evoke the impermanence and chaos of cellular biology.


CELL is situated in the middle of a marsh (intercellular matrix); readers arrive by boat to any of four landings (alpha-hemolysin complexes).

Typically my taste in architecture is functional, spartan, and modern–but there’s a great deal to be said for “A Pattern Language”. As I approach the end of the book, I’ve started to question, apply, and practice these patterns in Minecraft structures. This structure is a cabin for a small family or group of friends.


The local climate is a temperate grassland and oak forest. A small sandy pool lies between two groves, providing ACCESS TO WATER. The site was chosen for its fantastic views, and situated such that the forest shielded it from a nearby castle; there is no developed land visible from the site itself. Concordant with SITE REPAIR, I chose a mildly sloping, uninterrupted stretch of land close to, but not interfering with, TREE PLACES or the water. Locally sourced timber and cobblestone were the primary building supplies, obtained by thinning one oak forest repeatedly and replanting. Careful effort was made not to disturb the local ecology while allowing ready access to nature.

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