My house, growing up

This is the house I grew up in. It was particularly challenging to render in one-meter increments, especially while preserving the positions of walls and staircases. The entire structure wanted to shift around in various dimensions; a tension which is only partly resolved by resizing the stair and kitchen.

I chose a site on a hill, facing west; echoing the original lot.


The front entryway opens onto a common room, staircase as stage, and, around the corner, living room.


The common room features the ping-pong table my brother and I played on.


Looking towards the front of the common room and its three bay windows:


The top landing connects the bedrooms to the common areas of the house.


The master bedroom faces east:


And the three smaller bedrooms to the south:




The crawlspace, naturally, is full of creepers:


The living room, under the master, overlooks the backyard to the east, provides a sitting circle and a fireplace.


Wide-open windows across the entire east side of the house bring light into the dining room:


And at the northeast corner, the kitchen's sunny counterspace overlooks a quiet corner of the yard.


And just like I remember, the garage is home to some really mean spiders:


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