I’ve seen a lot of misunderstood physics out there, but watching Andy Schafly try to insist general relativity is wrong and useless has got to take the cake. Kate Sorenson tries patiently to correct the GR article’s mistakes, but is eventually banned for her troubles. Andy finishes with this amazing quote:

One way to evaluate religions, or quasi-religions, is to look at the fruit it bears. What has it helped achieved? In the case of relativity, it has produced nothing. Nil. Zippo. After nearly 100 years and a ton of money. If you find the math in relativity fun, great, but relativity is not going to help anyone. It never has. Pick up a Bible in between some equations. –Andy Schlafly 18:31, 15 November 2009 (EST)

I guess Andy doesn’t believe in GPS, which relies completely on GR-derived time synchronization for accurate results. Way to go, Conservapedia. Totally in touch with reality, there.

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