Last night I left my Droid sitting on my desk, at about 80% charge. An hour later I picked it up and it wouldn’t turn on. No response to pressing or holding the power button, and even replacing the battery didn’t get it to turn on. I figured the battery was drained and plugged it in this morning–whereupon it booted up and showed 75% charged!

The Verizon store was disappointing. They told me I had installed too many apps and should run advanced task killer frequently. Really, guys? You think I ran out of battery and recharged to 70% in a matter of seconds this morning? No suggestions as to how to hard-reset the device. They also disavowed the autofocus bug… which neatly explains why the camera focuses in under two minutes as of this morning. I guess I should have expected the runaround to begin with.

Other than that, I love the device. It’s easily the most responsive UI out of all the phones I’ve played with, including the iPhone. There are some software oversights–I can’t move emails between folders, for example–but by and large it’s been pretty solid.

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