The District Burns Alone Tonight

The lead singer of The Invasion Service

Smear green blood
Your palms are sweaty
Scaly skin glistening
To last demands
The planet's going under and
You're floating overhead

(Lizard men) [x2]

Wear my badge
Secret cameras transmit your
Treachery to the rest
Tells your true friends
I am a Visitor here
You'll all be murdered soon

The only thing
Keeping me alive is

Seems so out of context
Lizard leader with a warlike complex
Strangers from the galaxy
Explaining their "peaceful" visiting
And I am finally seeing
That the V's are without feeling

DC burns alone tonight


The district burns alone tonight
After drones take resistance lives
Innocents are doomed to learning
Lizard people wear our skin like clothing
And I am finally seeing
That the V's are without feeling

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