John Mullerleile, Phil Kulak, and I gave a talk tonight, entitled “Scaling at Showyou.”


I gave an overview of the Showyou architecture, including our use of Riak, Solr, and Redis; strategies for robust systems; and our comprehensive monitoring system. You may want to check out:

Phil talked a little bit about the importer, including our use of Node.js and some nice stats.

John dropped lots of juicy details regarding his exciting projects, including a new Riak backend which binds together Solr, LevelDB, and a distributed processing system we’re calling Fabric. Fast parallelized key listing, range queries, full-text search, geospatial queries, etc. In Riak. Yes, you heard that right.

Oh, and as a part of Fabric we’ve got a distributed queue with replicated failover and transactions, built on top of Hazelcast. Exposed over protocol buffers. We’ve got some polishing to do before that gets released, but when it does, should be worthy of another talk.

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