New Features, SSH Completion, and the Dangers of Overloading the Core Library

Added ATOM feeds for journals, photographs, and a combined feed. Also added EXIF support to photographs, such that files with EXIF headers (those from about the last year or so) display some shot information as well.

Also, I caught bash programmable completion completing paths on remote servers over SSH. I was copying a file from the laptop to the server, hit tab to complete the directory on the server side... and it worked. That was quite surprising, when I realized that my ordinarily useless request had actually been carried out. Hurrah for bash making my life easier.

Had significant confusion yesterday night, when the tested and (so I thought) working code from the development machine threw strange exceptions on itself. The box claimed NoMethodError for Rational.reduce and Rational.to_f, both of which were quite clearly part of the standard library. Eventually realized that this was due to my custom Rational class, which has a very different interface from the standard library's version. Changed RUBYLIB to not load my custom libraries, and it worked.

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